The third and final piece in May’s Announcement Plan is here - I am happy and also thrilled to announce that STEX Exchange and Kuende are now becoming partners!

Before going into further details and the scope of this partnership, I would like to state that one of the main reasons we decided to pick STEX as the “first” exchange for relaunching the KUE Token, organizing a trading competition plus an AMA and to also explore a potential partnership, is because of their professional and open minded team. …

We are very excited to announce that perhaps one of the most awaited moments in the last few years has finally arrived - Kuende Token (KUE) to be listed on a trustworthy, licensed exchange! 🔥 🙌 🚀

Kuende Token (KUE) available on STEX Exchange!

Among the first steps in the journey towards our rebranding and semi-pivoting campaigns, is to have KUE available on a trusted exchange platform as a way to start increasing the number of holders, the daily volumes, update the info on trackers like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko and build-up the overall visibility and awareness. So we decided to start with STEX!

STEX is an acronym…

This article is addressed mainly to those that have KUE either deposited into the Kuende Apps and/or those who earned tokens by engaging with different Kuende features ✊

Before we dive into the processes behind how to withdraw KUE, there are 3 important things to mention that will, in a way, set the tone for the entire article:

1. This is a temporary solution!

Until we develop new Deposit & Withdraw Smart Contracts, given that the old (current) ones are out of sync and limited to serve all the use cases, we will be manually transferring KUE, upon request and we will also cover the gas…

Dear Kuenders,

It’s been a while since we last expressed our thoughts or shared any updates via our Medium page, but the time has come to get our voices back!

In the last two and a half years a lot (and I really mean A LOT!) of things have happened, caused by external factors (market crash, pandemic times, changes in our target audience behavior), but also internally (from poor management decisions, company restructuring, to pivoting the product, finding the best market fit and shaping the overall vision).

That being said, the purpose of this particular article is to say Kuende’s…

New delivery for the Kuenders, and you are going to love it! As we have previously stated we are building the platform’s economy in such a manner that it is not only a gamified social network, but it also simulates the feel of a fully organized society. Interesting game, right? It has just become even more interesting!

The Kshop

In the second episode of our series regarding Kuende’s development, we announced that the Kshop (our marketplace) is coming - that time has come!

You are now able to claim KUE (Kuende Tokens) for Kp (Kpoins), this being the first stage of what…

We are thrilled to announce that on November 29th the Kuende Team accomplished two major road-map milestones: the Unlocking of the Kuende Tokens & the Launching of the Kuende Challenges - Now you can Deposit KUE to your Kuende Account and Create, Vote or Participate in the Alpha Version of the Kuende Challenges!

The Alpha Version stage represents the first step in our blockchain implementation plan. Its purpose is to allow the Kuende Community to test the Kuende Tokens and their blockchain integration, together with the Challenge Framework. …

Ladies and gents, our Bounty & Airdrop Campaigns came to an end. Let’s see who our lucky winners are!

For all of us at Kuende, the last 3 months were an emotional but memorable roller-coaster. Even though we had lots of sleepless nights, we are truly flattered by the number of people that joined our campaigns and we want to thank you for that! You guys rock! With that being said, let’s cut to the chase and see the campaigns’ results!

Airdrop Campaign

After more than 1 year of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that Kuende ICO is over, with 18,059 ETH raised!

We’d like to thank each and every single one that had a role in this journey:

  • Development Team, who made sure that everything starting with smart contracts, ICO Website, weekly product updates or security measures went smoothly and were always delivered on time
  • Marketing & Creative Team & Community Managers, who always found unique ways to communicate and showcase Kuende to the world, while being dynamic in keeping a balance between the Kuende Apps and the general ICO…

The core of any social media platform is the user. We all know that. So why is that users are treated so poorly on social media platforms? We post about ourselves, we submit our data, and we share our entire life there.

A big reason for us founding Kuende was because we weren’t getting back what we put in. That’s why the rewards system of Kuende is built to give back to our users for engaging in their interests. …

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time - Kuende & Forbole both embracing Tendermint technology and working side-by-side on becoming the social media pioneers of Cosmos Ecosystem. Two great networks as Zones in the greatest blockchain network! 🙌

Forbole is a blockchain app that aims to foster the real-life application of distributed reputation. Powered by Cosmos SDK and Tendermint, Forbole is designed to record reputation-related attributes as portable and tradable digital assets. …

Pavel Antohe

CEO & Founder Kuende

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